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I learned a lesson early in life that led me to carve out the niche for my clients that has earned my business overwhelming success. Fresh out of college, I bought my first house.  Thinking I was being prudent, I paid extra points and all closing costs to secure a lower loan rate.  I gambled on the rate being stable long enough to earn back my up-front costs.
But, when rates dropped even lower a year later, I learned an important lesson – Don’t pay closing costs if you don’t have to!
I have pioneered and pursued the path of providing ‘no-cost loans’ – no lender, title, escrow or appraisal fees to the buyer.  However, if you do not want a ‘no-cost loan’, I offer other choices explaining the options of each one. I am committed to providing all my clients with the best service and the highest quality home loans combined with the lowest mortgage rates available in all of California.
We are located in The Forward House (built in 1905 for John Forward Sr, Mayor of San Diego). One of his sons (one of 9 children) went on to also become the Mayor.  Another son became the  founding member of the San Diego Law Firm – Luce,Forward,Hamilton & Scripps LLP.
Real Estate Broker – California Bureau of Real Estate License # 01018996 – NMLS # 264772